Esperanca Amarelo Natural, Brasil

$ 21.25

Harvest Season: Fall 2017

Variety: Icatu Amarelo

Location: Minas Gerais, Brasil

Tasting Notes: peanut brittle, strawberry, apricot

Producer: Bruno Souza

The Souza family has long been a part of what we do here at Ritual. For years João Souza, affectionately called Ziñho amongst friends and family, had been doing things a bit differently in Brasil. After the devastating ‘Black Frost’ of 1975 and the skyrocketing of coffee prices all over Brasil, farmers started turning their focus to producing coffee for volume. A man of tradition, Ziñho kept producing coffee the way his father taught him, and in turn, he passed on his talent and wisdom to his children and grandchildren.

Today, his son Bruno works the land in the same way as his father, picking coffee only when it is at its peak, processing cherries carefully in small batches, and ultimately striving for the best coffee he can produce, not just the most coffee he can produce.

This special offering comes from a single variety - Icatu Amarelo, from a very special place on the farm; and we feel explicitly showcases the true potential for quality coffee in Brasil’s Cerrado.