Hario Buono Kettle

$ 65.00

The humble kettle.  Pour over coffee in motion. The brush to your coffee palette. 

Okay, we're getting a bit poetic but a good pouring kettle can't be praised enough. You can attempt to dial in every detail of your preparation with every conceivable coffee gadget, but that's really all you've done up until that point: preparation. Time's gonna come to extract that coffee. For that, the kettle is your pour over interface and the Hario Buono has been one of the better ones for a while now.

Control is what we're looking for in a pour over kettle and the Buono delivers. The gooseneck spout and ergonomic handle make it easy to dial in flow rate and keep it in the sweet spot. Its handsome stainless steel construction holds up to stove tops and other heating methods.

  • 40.5 oz. capacity
  • Stainless steel construction