Hario Heatproof Decanter

$ 20.00

So you've got a pour over setup. That collection of beautiful, sleek, delicate and stately instruments of coffee preparation. It's nice. You've got great taste. All your friends think so too.

But they would love to taste the end result this altar to arabica produces too. So what do you do? Brew your exquisite coffee into a mug to pass around? Of course not.

This decanter from Hario is perfect for portioning out your brews whether you have friends or not. It's made of heatproof glass so it will stand up to the rigors of brewing and come up to temperature much faster than that ceramic mug you've been using, leaching less heat from your brew. It's 13 oz. capacity will keep you overflow free and since you can see what's going on inside you can monitor your flow rate.

Of course it's been designed with the V-60 in mind but it will work with most all pour over drippers.