Hario V60 Scale / Timer

$ 65.00

Let's set the scene.

It's morning. You're jolted out of a dream by the ::beep-beep-beep:: of your phone's alarm. Which is a shame because it's the one where you can fly and everyone loves you for it.

You're awake but not really. About to face the day ahead but not yet. You drag yourself to the kitchen, pretending to float above the floor below. That one always felt so real. Habit kicks in within moments you're all set to brew your first cup of the day. Grounds settled in the dripper, kettle at the ready, you're ready to bloom this thing.

And then it happens. With an ease of the wrist, water begins it's descent toward the coffee below. Your other hand reaches toward... nothing. ::beep-beep-beep:: The realization shoots from your hand to your brain in an instant. You forgot your phone and with it your timer.

If only you got that Hario scale when you had the chance. You know the one with the built-in timer? The one that let's you weigh and time your brews in one handy device so that you never have to relive this moment ever again.

  • 2 - 2000g Capacity
  • 0.1 - 1g Resolution