Javier Gonzales Microlot, Colombia

$ 24.25

Harvested: Winter 2018

Variety: Caturra

Location: Gigante, Huila Department, Colombia

Tastes like: mango, melon, shortbread

Grown by: Javier Gonzales

One of our newest offerings from the Los Gigantes group of producers, the coffees from Javier Gonzales have been some of the best we've tasted all year! Javier produced this 10 bag lot from his family farm located adjacent to other standout Gigante producers like Jaime Casallas of Finca El Prado. This predominantly Caturra variety lot is grown on steep hillsides at 1700 MASL. After hand-picking, the coffee is depulped and fermented at the house in small concrete tanks. The following day, the coffee is washed from the sticky fruit mucilage remnants and laid out to dry on raised beds. A model of freshness, as soon as Javier completes this process, a sample is sent to Ritual for analysis. When the coffee is as good as this, it gets loaded on the next California bound shipping container, the coffee sometimes arriving mere weeks after being on the trees!