Karambi Mountain, Rwanda

$ 16.00

Producer: Karambi Mountain Producers

Location: Karambi Mountain, Rwanda

Harvest Season: Summer 2016

Tasting Notes: lemon, peach, cranberry

Processing: Washed

In the south of Rwanda, a hard-working community of 650 farmers high on the slopes of Karambi Mountain cultivates Bourbon variety coffee cherries on small family plots. Upon reaching peak ripeness, these cherries are carried, by mule, bicycle, or often by hand to the nearby Karambi washing station for processing into green coffee of exceptional quality.

Mill owner Edmond Kanyamibwa and his staff, comprised of the same farmers who grow coffee here, oversee an impeccable process which involves ecopulping the cherries down to a red-honey stage, whereafter the coffee gets an overnight fermentation and wash in a traditional manner in canals. This is the first full year of production for the Karambi washing station, and they’re off to an incredible start.

Look for notes of vibrant lemon, sweet peach, and the mildly tannic note of cranberries.