La Roca, Nicaragua

$ 17.00


Harvested: February 2017

Variety: Maragogype, Caturra, Bourbón

Location: Dipilito, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Tastes Like: lemon balm, plum, rocky road ice cream

Grown by: Dipilito Producer Group

Though we’re overjoyed to have a Nicaraguan offering back on our menu, this was another “interesting” year for producers in Dipilito. A dry season brought an irregular harvest to the six small-scale producers who produce this collaborative effort, La Roca. In these conditions, smaller than average lots were being picked by hand at elevations ranging from 1250 - 1500 MASL, and dried very slowly at each farm’s own micro-mill. While the overall harvest was small, producers were able to focus on maintaning quality in the pickings they thought would be best suited for specialty coffee.

Cherries for this offering were picked at the peak of ripeness, fermented fully and dried slowly- leading to balanced flavors in the cup and an even-handedness between interesting acidity and round sweetness. Look for a shining lemon balm like acidity to be followed up with a rich red fruit sweetness and a velvety rocky road ice cream-like finish.