Los Anonos, Costa Rica

$ 19.75

Harvested: Spring 2017

Variety: Caturra

Location: West Valley, Costa Rica

Tastes like: cinnamon buns, chocolate milk, dried dates

Grown by: Marvin Rodriguez

This is our fifth year offering this spectacular coffee from Costa Rica. Marvin Rodriguez, along with his brother Felipe, and their partner Ricardo Perez, co-own the famed West Valley mill, Helsar de Zarcero. All three producers are champions of sustainable coffee growing practices, pioneering modern techniques that yield excellent results.

This lot of Caturra from Los Anonos was grown at eleva-tions around 1750 MASL. The coffee is harvested, and then brought to Helsar to be processed. It is mechanically washed using an aqua-pulper before being laid out to dry on a covered patio.

Complex and sweet with a gentle orange acidity, flavors of chocolate and Medjool dates, and a very clean spun sugar finish.