Los Horizontes, Costa Rica

$ 19.75

Harvested: Spring 2018

Variety: Catuaí

Location: Piedra de Rivas, Chirripo, Costa Rica

Tastes Like: white grape, plum, buttercream

Grown By: Marielos Hernández Mena

We first met Marielos and her dog Coda back in 2012, while walking through the farms of the Los Crestones producers. She’s still the smallest contributing member to the Los Crestones Micro Mill, both in volume and in stature, but the location of her farm piqued our interest: Los Horizontes is located just below Grace Calderón Jiménez’s El Alto, one of our favorite growers in the country.

Marielos grows Catuai at high elevations near 1800 MASL, and the sweetness and intensity of this coffee comes through in the cup. As a contributing member to the Los Crestones mill, the coffee is processed in an aquapulper to a “white honey” before being dried on a modern raised bed system, built as a collaborative project between Los Crestones and us at Ritual.