Mauricio Benitez, Honduras

$ 21.75

Harvested: Summer 2017

Variety: Yellow Bourbón, Pacas

Location: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Tastes like: dark chocolate, rainier cherry, orange liqueur

Grown by: Mauricio Benitez

Sebastián Benitez’s Finca La Piñona was one of the first coffee farms we fell in love with. High up on the slopes of the Santa Barbara mountain, his Pacas coffee plants truly thrive. Sebastián, with the help of his family, cultivated this coffee and meticulously processed it in a way where it consistently remains one of the best coffees we see all year. And while we were hopeful for another good year, we were surprised with something entirely unexpected: Sebastián, an exemplary parent first and an extraordinary producer second, decided to section off his most prized section of farm, and gave it lovingly to his eldest son Mauricio to have as his own. One year into production, and we are seeing the same success from Mauricio that we saw in La Pinoña.

This lot represents the Yellow Bourbón and Pacas coffee growing at the top of the old La Piñona farm. Mauricio works the land himself and processes his bounty at the family mill, using the same traditional washed process. After an overnight fermentation, this coffee is slowly dried on raised beds, preserving the sweet and complex flavors we love.