Monte Albán, Mexico

$ 17.00

Harvested: Spring 2018


Location: Oaxaca, Mexico


Tastes Likepassionfruit, lime zest, crème brûlée

 Grown byMonte Albán Small Producers

In the state of Oaxaca, coffee grows high on the southern facing slopes of the central mountain range that snakes through the country. While the coffees here, with their characteristic delicate body and snappy acidity, are renowned in European coffeehouses, strangely very little of this amazing coffee is sold here in the US. Monte Albán - referring to the ancient Zapotec ruins just outside the city of Oaxaca - is a blend of lots from small growers who produce coffee in the vicinity of this historic center. After an overnight fermentation, the coffees are washed in the traditional method and dried on a combination of patios and raised beds.

The best of the best lots are collected together to form the coffee presented to you today. This is Ritual’s very first offering sourced from our Southern neighbors in Mexico, and we’re really excited to share!