Ndundu, Kenya

$ 24.75

Harvested: Winter 2017-2018

SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11

Location: Kiambu County, Kenya

Tastes Like: meyer lemon, mango, gummy bears

Grown By: Thiririka Cooperative Society

Located in a traditionally tea growing area, Ndundu is a leading mill belonging to larger Thiririka Cooperative Society of producers. Ndundu was established in 1980 and rests on 5 acres of land serving the surrounding farming community. Support from Thiririka allows for field training and advice for farmers on carrying out all agronomic activities associated with coffee production. There are 350 active farmers that supply hand-picked red cherries to Ndundu. Patrick Kariuki currently manages a team of 5 permanent staff members and 8 seasonal employees. Expect an offering that is bursting with tropical fruit sweetness with a substantial body and finish- a new star in Kenyan coffee!