Porlex Mini-mill

$ 76.00

Did we once tell you that the Hario Hand Mills were the best hand grinders available? Yes. Are we telling you now that the Porlex Mill is even better? Absolutely. (We’re not afraid to change our minds when it comes to making sure we’re bringing you the very best products available).

In side-by-side testing with the Hario mills (as well as every other hand mill we could track down), we found the Porlex was easier and more fluid to use, getting you your desired coffee dose faster and with less “grind fatigue.” Of course, the most important thing about any grinder is the grind quality, and the Porlex really outperforms all others in its category, producing a more consistent grind and ultimately a better cup of coffee.

Made in Japan of stainless steel with ceramic conical burrs. Ideal for traveling and is available as a part of our Travel Kit with the AeroPress Coffee Maker.