"Revival" New Year Seasonal Espresso

$ 17.50

"Revival" Seasonal Espresso-

As the calendar rolls over, it's a perfect chance to start fresh and to rejuvenate spirits. This caffeinated savior is a magnificent melange that stands to bring you right back into the land of movers and shakers.

It’s a beautiful blend of coffees that’ll have you rejoicing and running the aisles. We're not saying you'll be speaking in tongues, but it'll be a heck of a splash for the one you’ve got! Here at Ritual we’re evangelists of the elixir that is espresso, and while it may not save your soul, it will most certainly revive – and that's no ballyhoo!

About the components:

The Organic Hama's floral tones and light, bright acidity bring an incredible levity to the cup, while the Cajamarca Santuario evokes tropical fruit sweetness from
the microclimates of the Southern Andes.

Add to that the peanut butter body and viscosity of the naturally processed Cafe Forte from Brasil's Cerrado, and you've got one absolutely boffo combo guaranteed to pack the house and stand firmly in the limelight.
Sweet caramel leads to syrupy cherry, all dressed up with a bowtie of lilac - so don't be a lookie-lou, hop on this traveling carnival of espresso salvation!

33.3% Organic Hama Cooperative, Ethiopia
33.3% Cajamarca Santuario, Peru
33.3% Café Forte, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Lilac, Rainier Cherry