Seawall Stroll Seasonal Espresso

$ 17.50

A Seawall themed espresso?

Weird, wacky, yeah... but then our seasonal espresso concepts have always been colorful, unique, locally focused, and hopefully thought provoking.
So have a double shot and take a stroll with us down the Embarcadero, the former freeway that’s become one of the most lively public spaces in the city. Now imagine no AT&T Park, no vintage trolleys, no Ferry Building or farmer’s market, no BART and Muni underground, and much of the Financial District in shambles in the event of a major earthquake. Yikes!

When the Port of San Francisco asked for our help in getting the word out about the vulnerability of the Embarcadero Seawall, we admit that we’d never heard of this key piece of infrastructure. It’s large but largely underwater, stretching three miles from PIER 39 to Mission Creek along the docks of the Bay.

As a proud San Francisco company, we’ve partnered with the Port and other iconic SF companies to bring you this seaworthy and effervescent reason to get buzzed, celebrate the waterfront, and find out more about our often unseen maritime friend - before it’s too late!
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About the coffees:
Gathaithi is a farmer-owned cooperative located in Nyeri County, Kenya. The farmers who comprise Gathaithi grow on small household plots in the southwestern foothills of Mt. Kenya, producing coffee that is super bright and lively with an overall floral and citric character. The florality and zinging acidity are enhanced by the Sulladjah, an estate coffee from western Ethiopia. Adding balance to the brightness is our perennial favorite, Hacienda Carmona from Antigua, Guatemala. This, along with a white-honey processed coffee from Finca El Angel in Tarrazu, Costa Rica give the blend a rounded sweetness, with abundant stonefruit and lots of chocolatey undertones. All in all, this is one stroll that’s gonna keep the pep in your step!

Spring 2018

25% Gathaithi, Kenya
25% Sulladjah, Ethiopia
25% Hacienda Carmona, Guatemala
25% El Angel : La Casa, Costa Rica

lilac, s’mores, cherry-lime slushie, civic pride

Suggestions for a dreamy shot:

  • 17.2g dose
  • 30 second extraction
  • 31g yield

Pump Pressure: 8.5-9 Bar or 105-110 psi at the group

Days Rested: 7-12