Sitio Armadillo, Brasil

$ 20.50

Producer: Pedro Brás

Location: Piumhi, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Harvest Season: Summer 2018

Tasting Notes: strawberry, hazelnut, caramel

Processing: Natural

Sandwiched between the two great coffee regions of Brasil, the Cerrado Miniero and Sul de Minas, lie the Canastra Mountains. Although famous for the production of artisanal cheese, the terrain is a little rough and foreboding for your average Brasilian coffee farmer. The mountains are steep, the soil is rocky, and the temperature is just too nice and cool.

However, for Pedro Brás, these challenges prove to be an opportunity. While mechanized harvesting is out of the picture, the handpicking here means that this coffee is selected from only the most perfectly ripe coffee cherries. And while production yields might never be as gargantuan as in the lowlands, the slowly maturing coffee sets itself apart with incredibly complex flavors. This particular lot is comprised of yellow Catuaí, dried naturally in its fruit on a system of raised screens.