Yukro, Ethiopia

$ 21.00

Harvested: Autumn 2016

Variety: Heirloom

Locaction: Gera District, Jimma, Ethiopia

Tastes like: berries, lemon-lime soda, lilac

Grown by: Yukro Producers

Yukro is a village in the Gera District of Jimma in Western Ethiopia. Historically passed over in favor of long esteemed regions like Kochere and Harrar, this area is now establishing itself as home of some of the best coffees in all of Ethiopia. For 8 years, the Yukro cooperative has worked to collect the highest quality cherries, processing them with care before gently drying the resultant coffee on raised beds.

This attention to detail from the shareholder farmers contributes to an extraordinarily bright and clean cup, vivid with the flavors of the wild coffee that grows here in Gera. Heavy floral aromatics jump off the cup, making way for delicate berry and citrus flavors and a super clean finish, almost reminiscent of sweet mountain spring water.